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Church Facilities

Christian Renewal Church - Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
PROJECT: Christian Renewal Church
LOCATION: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
OWNER: Christian Renewal Church

Construction of a new sanctuary, administrative offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, balcony, kitchen, and nursery. This new 15,268 sq. ft. facility, with associated site work, parking lot, and basketball court, was completed as a design/build negotiated project. Working closely with the Owner and Architect, a hybrid system of wood frame construction, structural steel, and clear span scissor-type roof trusses was determined to be the most cost-effective construction method. The results of this hybrid system and value-engineering during the design and construction phases resulted in a savings of over $400,000 to the Owner. This project of nearly $3,000,000 was completed in October of 2005.

All Saints Episcopal Church - Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
PROJECT: All Saints Episcopal Church
LOCATION: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
OWNER: All Saints Episcopal Church
ARCHITECT: Hall & Hull

This facility consisted of renovating and expanding the existing sanctuary with the addition of a second floor to the administrative areas. This multi-million dollar project consisting of 28,585 sq. ft. of renovated space was completed while keeping the adjoining children's school in operation and without interruption. The roof of the administrative area was completely removed. All spaces on the first floor were renovated and the second floor was added over existing space. While renovating the sanctuary, it was slightly increased in size and a new columbarium, parking lot, and site work were also completed. This project was finished ahead of schedule and under budget while keeping the adjoining school fully operational. This very challenging renovation project was a huge success, being completed in April of 2001.

Church of the Palms United Methodist - Beaufort, South Carolina
PROJECT: Church of the Palms United Methodist Church
LOCATION: Beaufort, South Carolina
OWNER: Church of the Palms United Methodist Church

This uniquely-designed church, offices, and meeting space won an AIA Design Award. Both the Architect and Construction Associates, as General Contractor, were given this award by the American Institute of Architects. The unique features of this structure, many of which can be seen in the associated photographs, while not easy to build, were aesthetically unusual and were in sync with the surrounding natural environment. This facility consisting of the sanctuary, administrative areas, kitchen, associated tower, specialized architectural elements, and site work in addition to a parking lot and exterior elements, was completed in September of 2003.